Being an independent artist is quite a luxury after being employed as an artist and work for hire for so many years.  I  briefly taught oil painting, etching and drawing at Shippensburg University, PA. I was an illustrator for Moller Pipe Organ. As Art Director and Textile Artist at Hoffman Mills, PA., I experienced the textile world.  For awhile I created hand painted wooden pins, called “Outrageous Pins Etc. The pins sold nationally in art museums and boutiques. From the patterns on the pins, I  developed a signature line of quilting fabrics.  I was artist/designer at a large Richmond Art company and created many artworks that are still reproduced and distributed globally. These jobs supported me, but my own personal artwork is what sustained my creative momentum and added some income.

I am an Oil Painter,  a Printmaker of Etchings, and a Jeweler. I have exhibited extensively in individual and invitational and wholesale shows with my art. I prefer the outdoor type art festivals, and meeting my customers who enjoy my creations.  I used to have this grand desire to be “rich and famous”, but quite frankly, the real reward is to just have the time and opportunity to create exactly what I want to work on. And enjoy every minute.