Artist Statement

Art is a journey, and in the solitude of creating art, art has become a companion, offering back to me images I once studied.  When I think of the hours, the years in the studio with oils, inks, copperplates, canvases, beads, the requirements, labors and possibilities of each process, I understand that art has a discipline, one that requires you to return again and again to the silence of observation and the passion of creating. Through my art, I have spoken about my life, family, experiences, emotions, and things that compel me to observe more closely.

I paint for the joy and vibrancy of color, love the smell of the paints.  It’s amazing to watch each stroke of color change the color next to it. I want my oils to take you to a place, like looking out a window, or just  pop off the wall in color.

The etchings which I began in 1976 are like pages from a diary.  With an etching you can draw fine lines and observe a subject in such minute detail. It's a process that has it's challenges and surprise results. 

My jewelry has morphed over the years.  From Wooden "Outrageous Pins, etc., to quilt fabric designs, back to jewelry with one of a kind necklaces, and my currently popular Lizard Pins.